Created to Remember Special Pets Forever

Handmade Custom Pet Inspired and Pet Remembrance Jewelry in Fused Glass, Fine Silver, and Bronze.


Fine Silver

Each Fine Silver piece we create together is entirely handmade using a process that results in a product that is .999% silver. The piece begins in a clay-like state; allowing me to shape, impress, and carve it into a piece that is one of a kind, and uniquely yours to cherish always. So, whether you are creating a “Treasure” Pendant in remembrance, a “Keepsake” of your favorite breed, or a replica of that adorable nose, you can be certain I will make every effort to create a quality piece that is exactly what you envision to honor the special bond you share.

Fine Silver Styles

Fused Glass

 Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Fused glass never fails to amaze me when creating your special piece. No two pieces are exactly alike; even when made from the same sheet of glass! I often use Dichroic glass, which is created through a complicated process of fusing metallic oxides in very thin layers to create a glass that looks entirely different from different angles. Most pieces I make include a tiny portion of a beloved pets’ hair or ash and serve as a remembrance piece, but I have also created special pendants in the color of a favorite toy, a collar worn, or just in the color that best emulates your pet and brings a smile to your face!

Fused Glass Styles

Bronze Work

Bronze is a very hard metal, and is often a good choice when someone is looking to have a piece created and finished as a keychain, rather than a necklace. It is also a less expensive alternative than fine silver, and comes in both a light champagne color as well as a silver toned finish. It is a great choice for larger pieces, as is the case with my large “Wet Nose” pieces, and shows the detail every bit as well as fine silver. Every nose is different, and I can’t help but grin as I see each one come to life before my eyes.

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