Do you work with someone to create the pieces?

Every piece I design is individually crafted entirely by me. From start to finish, your piece is in my care, and I strive to have you completely satisfied with what we have worked together to create. You may feel free to contact me at any time during the creative and productive process to get updated and provide input. My key goal is to have you take part in this process to create something that is exactly what you need to honor and cherish the special relationship you have shared with your beloved companion.

Do you make pieces other than pendants?

On occasion, I have had people request items other than pendants. I have made charm bracelets, rear view mirror charms, and key chains for custom orders when requested. If you would prefer to discuss the creation of one of these items rather than a pendant, feel free to use my "contact us" page so we can create something that is uniquely yours!

How much ash or hair is needed for the pendants?

Typically just a small amount is needed for either style of pendant, whether it be a Loving Legacy or a Treasure design. The cremains and fur you entrust to my care are always treated with the respect they deserve, and any remaining after I design your custom piece will be returned to you with the same care.

How long does it take from the time I order my piece until I receive it?

Currently, I can design, refine, fire, finish and assemble your piece and have it ready to ship in two to three weeks. Please contact me if for some reason this does not work for you, and I will see what I can do.

Can my name tag be two-sided?

Yes, in most instances, I can accommodate a name or other meaningful item on the reverse side of your piece.

What if I want to add multiple stone charms?

I am happy to wrap and attach as many stones as you would like to your piece; I have had people want to add one for each dear pet they have had as a means to honor them- it’s a wonderful touch. Sometimes, as I mentioned before, specific stones really resonate; but I have also had stones picked by appearance alone- such as my dalmatian jasper for my own dog, Peluso.

How do I decide what additions to the piece I want to add?

Once you have decided which design/imprint you would like and the shape of your pendant, you may want to consider whether or not you would like to add a name tag. The name tag most often has the pets’ name imprinted vertically, and compliments the primary piece nicely. I have many stone options available, and have tried to give a brief description of the symbolism of each in hopes that one or more will resonate with each person who desires a pendant designed specifically for them. Beyond the stones themselves, I have also included a symbolism color guide; as I have had people tell me that a specific color best describes their companions’ soul. Both of these guides are found on my "Add-on Options" page.

Is your artwork original or something you have purchased to enhance the pieces?

All artwork is of my own design and utilized through a process of creating a custom stamp to imprint designs as needed. I have 10 basic designs to pick from, (with more to come) and I am happy to work with you to create a custom stamp for your piece, if desired. Due to the additional labor and cost of materials, a custom stamp usually costs between $7 and $15 to create. The stamp is yours to keep, if you like. This assures that your piece is truly “one of a kind”. Even with my “stock” designs, no two pieces are alike, due to variations in selection of pendant shape and the potential for additional pieces, such as stones or name tags.

Do you design larger pendants?

Since each piece is individually designed, I can usually accommodate a request for a larger piece; it may, however, affect the price of the piece created. Use the contact form to outline your request, and I can give you a price prior to starting your design.

What is the process you use to get a piece designed with ashes incorporated?

Each piece is individually made using a product called precious metal clay. Prior to firing, this material is readily shaped and sculpted into the desired form- at this stage, the silver is in a clay-like form, and a small portion of ashes is actually kneaded into the material; making them one. When fired, the clay burns off to produce a product that is .999% pure silver and bound to the ashes as one.