Hand Crafted Designs Just For You

The pendants shown below are broadly categorized as being comprised of either fine silver or fused glass. Both are available in a variety of shapes and typically measure between  3/4" to 1" in length, with the fused glass styles being slightly larger. All of the fine silver pendants are created in a process that results in your pendant being .999% fine silver regardless of the style chosen. To understand the design process, please visit our FAQ page. Larger sizes are available for an additional cost. Please use our Contact Form for any custom design questions or to submit an order. To see our online shop, please visit our Etsy store.


Keepsake: A Keepsake pendant is comprised of Fine Silver, and may feature one of my Stock Designs or a Custom Design we create together. Pendants are typically just under an inch in size, but can be adapted to suit your taste. Please note that larger pieces may increase your cost, as more fine silver will be used.

Treasure: As with the Keepsake pendant, this pendant is also comprised of fine silver; the only difference being the inclusion of a small portion of ash or tiny clipping of hair within the piece. This inclusion is integral to the piece; meaning it will not be visible to others, rather, it is fused as one with the pendant itself. I find it a wonderful way to carry your beloved pet close to your heart and with you always, without the need for a reliquary, or vessel type piece.

Loving Legacy: This fine silver piece is a reliquary type pendant, with a small portion of hair or ash displayed within a fine silver bezel and suspended in crystal clear resin. Unlike all my other fused glass and fine silver pieces, the inclusion you choose is deliberately made visible.

Pawsitive Impression: This pendant is created from an actual print of your pets paw or nose! In most cases of course, the print is sized to an appropriate size- but retains its own unique characteristics. This process does require you to make an ink print, and either email or mail me the image so that I can create a custom stamp to be used for your piece.

Puppy Love: Comprised of Fine silver, this tiny little pendant features an adorable little sleeping puppy face, which nestles up to you as you wear it. It measures just over ½ an inch in length.

Wet Nose in Fine Silver: This adorable pendant is an actual replica of your pets nose! Each one is truly one of a kind, since every nose has its own unique qualities. I never fail to smile while making these little pieces. The process does require you to take a simple, quick impression of your pets’ nose, and I even have a video demo on my own dog to help you along.