Tips on making your silver shine!

You love to wear your pendant, and I'm sure you'd like to keep it looking it's best, sparkling just as much as the first day you put it around your neck. To help you do just that, and to allow you many years of enjoyment I have put together a short list of easy to follow tips on caring for your silver. As I have mentioned elsewhere on the site, every pendant, custom or not is comprised of .999 percent fine silver. If your pendant is displayed on one of my sterling snake chains you can rest assured of its' quality and craftsmanship- each chain is made in Italy!

  • When storing your silver, try to keep it away from sunlight, moisture and humidity whenever possible.
  • Keep your silver away from rubber~ they don't mix! Rubber will cause your silver to corrode and darken over time. If you store your silver in a baggie; don"t seal it with a rubber band.
  • I enclose a white polishing pad or yellow polishing cloth with each pendant; either can be used to brighten your silver. No special detergents are needed; just a light buffing should do the trick, and running the pad or cloth up and down your chain will renew the sparkle!
  • Additional polishing pads or clothes are usually easy to find at jewelry and craft supply stores, if you need them.
  • Anti-tarnish squares are also a good idea if storing your pendant for a prolonged period, these are also often available at jewelry and craft supply stores. Just a small square 1"x1" is enough to do the trick!
  • The very best way to store your silver is sealed in a ziploc bag, away from sunlight as much as possible.

So with just a few simple steps, you can cherish your pendant for many years to come! As always, if you have any questions at all, I would love to help; just drop me a few lines from my contact page, and I will respond as quickly as possible!

~ Sara