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P’s of My Heart did a fantastic job on my pendant. I sent in a picture of my dog to get a customized necklace and was happily surprised at how much the sketch on the pendant looked like him! I’m so glad I’ll have this piece of jewelry to remember my pet by forever!
— Emily
Scotty was his name and he was an Australian Shepherd.  He was an amazingly smart dog who could read my mind and who devoted his life and love to me.  He passed away 9 years ago from old age.  Unlike all the other four-legged companions who had blessed my life with their presence and passed on, Scotty’s remains were left in a plain, cardboard box and never placed in a proper urn.  As time passed, I never seemed to find the time to do something about that, but always felt guilty for not doing more with his memory, until I met Sara Todd and she told me about her business.  She had received a calling to create lasting memories of the animal companions who had passed on, after her own dog had passed away.  For Sara, it was therapy, but for the rest of the world, it has become a gift.  Sara provided me with the answer I had been looking for.  I gave her some of Scotty’s ashes and she made the most beautiful necklace for me to wear the rest of my life.  I was able to custom design it, so that it reflected Scotty’s uniqueness and what he meant to me. The necklace is so special because it provided me with a way to truly honor Scotty’s life.  Sara’s artistic talent, her sensitivity towards our love for our pets, and her passion for animals is reflected in every single piece of jewelry she makes.  This won’t be the last necklace I purchase from Sara, and I am proud to recommend her business to every one I meet.
— Tracey D.
Sara worked with me to create a beautiful and unique pendant that I will treasure always. I can’t say enough about the quality of her work and her exceptional customer service. Sara created a pendant that is, by far, my favorite piece of jewelry. Thanks, Sara!
— Suzanne
I love the fact that my beautiful necklace represents all my kitties that I have now and those who have passed on; it was so much fun to pick out pieces that reminded me of each and every one.  I am extremely happy with my necklace and even got one for my daughter to commemorate her love of horses.
— Francesca I.
Losing a pet is never easy. They become such a huge part of our lives. And when I lost my Parker I wanted to find a unique and special way of memorializing her. I looked online for weeks and nothing clicked until I found P’s of my Heart. The product alone sold me because it was unlike anything that I had seen. It was so simple yet so meaningful. But what made it so special was Sara’s compassion and eagerness to make it exactly what I needed it to be. The process was extremely therapeutic in helping me cope with the loss and I will be forever grateful to Sara for all her help. The pendant is beautiful and Parker will be forever in my heart.
— Dawn B.
I first saw Sara’s work at her booth at a fundraiser for the Longmont Humane Society. I immediately loved her creations, and stuffed one of her cards into my pocket. Several months later the unthinkable happened ~ I lost my most beloved companion animal to a rare bladder disease. When I was able to think clearly after weeks and weeks of grief, I went online and found Sara’s beautiful work on her website. I immediately knew that I had to have several pendants - one a custom design of my cat, and one a locket with his hair in it. It took me several months to get Sara my design for the custom pendant, and she was so very supportive, encouraging, and patient during the process. Once I finally got her the design, Sara worked hard to get me what I needed. Her flexibility and compassion for what I envisioned in a pendant was so wonderful. She ended up creating the perfect remembrance of my cat, and I will treasure it always. She went above and beyond what I could have imagined  someone would do to offer me the perfect assortment of beautiful keepsakes. She’s a wonderful person, full of compassion, and I have no doubt you’ll absolutely love her and the pendants she creates.
— Lori N.
When I spoke with Sara about designing a pendant in memory of my sweet Pare, I was impressed by her creativity and her ability to turn my love and memories of my gentle dog into an exquisite piece of art work.  Sara’s design has become one of my most special treasures and I wear it always as a way to keep my Pare with me.
— Sarah C.
The pendant you designed for my husband with all three of our dogs is amazing!! It was exactly what I wanted and it even brought tears to his eyes when he opened it Christmas morning! You did exactly what you said you would do in the time you said you would do it and for a price that was amazing! I have and continue to recommend you to anyone I know who wants to remember a precious animal!! THANK YOU!
— Andrea S.
Sara created a wonderful piece to honor my beloved Cammie who passed away after a two year battle with cancer.  I chose the Loving Legacy design so I could always have a part of Cammie with me and the pendant is beautiful.  The simple elegance of the design is perfect and captures the most basic nature of the bond we share with our animals- unconditional love.  Many times a day I reach up and rub my thumb across the pendant and think of my little girl.  Thank you, Sara; you fulfilled all my expectations!
— Tabitha C.